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*** We are still getting reports of issues with logging on, particularly with the Google Chrome browser.  We are told it says that we have been hacked. We have not been hacked and the site is still working. Try typing in the SOA website address directly into the address box on the top of the page, NOT IN THE GOOGLE or other web search engine box in the middle. If you are having problems please send me a screen shot of the error screen. Try refreshing your browser cache or do a browser update. If that does not work, try a different browser. If you need assistance or a form from the website, kindly call the office and we will mail it to you. Thank you. Jim Gruenfelder ( updated 4/11/16)



You can now register for full access to our website and email notification system. The process is very simple using the “create an account” link on the right side of this page. You will need to provide your full name, a user name, password and a NON COUNTY email address. You will then immediately receive a "request verification" in your email. Please click the link provided in the email and your registration will then be complete and sent to an administrator for approval. You will also be added to our email list and receive periodic notifications. All recent applicants have been approved for registration as of the date of this update.

If you have any questions you can email Jim Gruenfelder at jgruenfelder@suffolksoa.com or call him at the SOA office at 654-0400.


For Benefit Fund recipients who are not SOA members, you can still access the forms, links, EMHP and other Benefit Fund information via the tabs on the top of this page. There is no need to register for access. If you need further assistance please call the Benefit Fund office at 631-654-0900.


If you have registered but did not receive an initial automated email confirmation, it may have went to your spam/bulk mail folder or was blocked by your spam filter.  If that does not work, please use the email above to report the problem.

Please note that passwords are case sensitive and that problems were reported by those trying to set up their account via a cellphone, so try on a PC. If you can't get past the registration page while using Internet Explorer due to it not loading (getting a spinning wheel), you need to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer first. You can also try using a different web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari. We will continue to monitor the registrations and update them regularly.

We will be updating our website often to provide you with access to important information. New items of significance will generate an email alerting you to see the website for specifics.

Suffolk County Superior Officers Association

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2518 Montauk Highway

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Phone: (631) 654-0400

Fax: (631) 447-0977


Question or Comments?   Please contact our office.