Brotherhood For The Fallen

Application Form

Completed forms can be sent inter-dept mail to Jim Gruenfelder at the SOA office or mailed to the PO Box on the form.



Dept Order Ref Time Donation / User Use Form

Donation / Use of Time Form

Completed forms should be submitted to Chief of Department for reimbursement of time used for deployments.

Contact Jim Gruenfelder with all questions regarding these forms


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Download this file (2019 BFTF Application and Payroll Authorization.pdf)BFTF Application156 kB
Download this file (DOC050417-002.pdf)Donation or Use Form659 kB

2018 Scholarship Forms

2018 Scholarship Forms


The SOA is pleased to announce that you can apply for three different scholarships for your high school and college students. Please review the eligibility requirements and restrictions and follow the instructions carefully as they vary. Remember to mail each application timely so that it is received by the date listed to the address provided on it as each goes to a separate place. Late or incomplete applications will not be entered in the drawing. The winners will be picked at the June open meeting and then posted on the website. Good luck to all our applicants!


2018 SOA Scholarship Form (June) 

$2500 Sgt. Lawrence Devine Scholarship (1 winner) 

$1000 Sgt. Tim Henck Award (1 winner)

$500 (10 winners)


2018 NY Law Enforcement Foundation Scholarship Form (June) 

$1000 (1 winner)


2018 Police Reserves Scholarship Form (June)

$1000 (2 winners)



2018 The Anthony P. Cuomo Scholarship (December)

$800 (1 winner)

2018 Form below



2018 Scholarship Winners


Lawrence Devine – Michael O’Leary


NYS Law Enforcement – Andrew Byrne


Tim Henck – Bryan Langdon


SOA: 1. Megan Fives

2. Andrew Tamis

3. Kaylie Murphy

4. Allison Mahan

5. Ryan DiResta

6. Celine DeSantis

7. Alison Maxwell

8. Travis Williams

9. Isabella Lavista

10. Allison Alfano


Alternates: 1. Nicholas Leotta

2. Jillian McManus

3. Dana Fasano

4. Kieran Fitzgerald

5. James Hopkins


All winners will be contacted by mail.