Blue Cross Website Hacked

As you may have heard, Anthem, the parent company of Empire BlueCross BlueShield (EBCBS), Suffolk County EMHP’s hospital and medical administrator, was the victim of a highly-sophisticated cyber-attack. EBCBS has informed EMHP that its member data was accessed and it could include that of Suffolk County employees.
There is further information including a memo with frequently asked questions on the Suffolk County EMHP website at .
IMPORTANT: As EBCBS identifies those members whose data may have been compromised they will be notifying those members via US mail. They are NOT notifying members via email or phone. If you receive an email or phone call alleging to be from Anthem or Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield it is a phishing scam. DO NOT respond or give any further info to any such requests.
Please refer to the EMHP website for the latest info. The SOA office does not have any additional info. If I get more info I will pass it along ASAP.

John P Cowie

1st Vice President