Dental Plan Improvements

The Benefit Fund is pleased to announce enhancements to the SOA dental plan fee schedule. The changes became effective on April 1, 2019. These improvements put us in line with the PBA Benefit Fund.  With the upgrade of over 80 fees, members who are utilizing out of network providers will receive an increase in reimbursement for covered services. For example, we have increased the annual x-ray maximum from $56 to $100 per year for each eligible member and/ or dependent. We have also added two additional procedure codes related to grafts and implants.

With the improvements to our plan, it is our hope to entice additional dentists to become participating in our network.

The new fee schedule is attached below and additionally, has been sent to our current participating providers.

A list of participating dentists is also attached below.


Participating Dentist List

The below attachment contains the names, addresses and phone numbers of the dentists who are currently participating with the Benefit Fund's Dental Plan. These dentists have agreed to provide covered dental procedures AT NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE to Fund members and their eligible dependents. This listing is provided as an informational service only, for the convenience of covered members and their eligible dependents. The Fund does not recommend the services of any particular dentist The participating providers have been selected because they have agreed to accept the Benefit Fund's dental fee schedule as PAYMENT IN FULL FOR COVERED SERVICES. If you or your eligible dependents are charged for any covered services by a participating provider, please do not pay and contact the Fund Office immediately. The Fund requests that you report any irregularities including rudeness, unsanitary conditions and difficulty in obtaining appointments at convenient hours to the Fund Office. The Fund makes no representation for the quality of services provided by any dental provider. Each Fund member and eligible dependent is responsible for making his/her own decision about the use of dental providers .


Updated list 6/4/19